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We are a team of filmmakers based north of Houston in The Woodlands, Texas focused on creating commercial films from start to finish. No matter the project scope, we strive to find a story and tell it authentically. With years of experience in the commercial film production world, we've honed our skills and crew into a creative powerhouse that can convey your ideas and brand on one of the most powerful platforms available. Film.

We create video content for corporate commercial companies based in Houston and around the world. Our crew has also supported dozens of directors and advertising agencies in the United States and globally. We are ready for any project, anywhere in the world. 

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One of the biggest questions our first time clients have about video production is “how much does it cost?” The way the cost is basically calculated is by estimating how much time will be spent on the entire production, what needs to be controlled and the level of control we need to evoke the response we want to achieve. The more we control within a film, the more time and resources are needed. It is our job to guide our clients into the project that fits their business and their budget.

Film production is incredibly valuable when done right. It is no surprise that many people and brands are spending money on it. How do you, as a buyer, nail down the right amount of money for your business to spend? We'll help.

In previous decades this was not a question that needed to be answered as broadly, because there was no outlet other than television to distribute video. Most people knew that buying advertising space on television was (and still is) expensive, therefore the cost of the actual production came as less of a surprise. 

But, things are changing.

The internet has improved in such a way, that even small businesses can invest in film production and have a low cost platform to showcase video content for a targeted market.  People use the internet for everything and we cannot forget that. The internet is like like a highway system rather than a destination. Using tools like film to direct that traffic is crucial in such a saturated marketplace.

The evolution of the internet has also put the industry of video production on its head. Every year technology is catching up with this consumer demand, new codecs for streaming faster are becoming available, new platforms are emerging and every one of these platforms are becoming increasingly narrow. There is value in knowing what platforms are attracting what type of person. Some of these platforms allow for 10 minute videos, some allow a few seconds, but the viewer base is growing. These platforms are attracting users, figuring out what they consume and then collecting massive amounts of data on them. 

The old "magic" that was performed behind closed doors, on the cutting room floor is less of an illusion these days. You can download apps for $0.99 that allow you to produce your own videos from your smart phone, and there are high schoolers are making millions from their youtube channel view count. The tide has shifted even further as people consume media on multiple devices for several hours each and every day

Yes, this is detrimental to attention spans, but we think it has done something more profound that we intend to leverage to our clients advantage. 

People have developed a taste for the media they are willing to spend time consuming.

Considering how much content we consume it's no surprise that we've grown tired of being advertised to. For the better half of the last decade advertisers simply repurposed and redistributed the same marketing phrases and information over and over again. It wasn't a terrible thing and it improved a lot of businesses but this method is dead- to consumers anyway. When a marketing strategy is as easy as copying and pasting content, it needs to be analyzed. Would you watch it? Would you read it? More importantly, would you take action?

Today’s video advertisements with thousands or millions of views always have a fresh approach to them. In the age of this much content, you've got to do something unique to stand out. People have developed a taste and expect a great web experience with great visual content. They also expect concentrated information delivered quickly.

Have you ever visited a website or a blog and it feels like you're driving through a bad area of town, full of old useless billboards? If your content does not give any actual ideas or inspiration, then its just giving people more to click through. If your consumer is looking at several of these websites in the buying process, differentiate yourself with with more powerful content focused on what peaks their interest.

Online video content is a new frontier in the age of the internet. 

The internet, as we use it today, has been developing at an insane pace since the 1990s. With a new screen being added to our pockets, walls, wrists and offices on a yearly basis. We've seen an incredible shift in how people search and consume information. 

Give your prospective clients great content for free that will make them consider giving your brand a shot, or decide your brand isn't suited for them. Both scenarios are a return on investment: you're not wasting time with a buyer who is better suited elsewhere and you're qualifying/converting the rest.  

This is the essence of brand positioning and one of the main goals of advertising. Setting a goal to appeal to a persons taste and making the content easily available at the right time.

Give my clients something free?

Yes, but you have the power to decide what that is and we need to think outside the box when it comes to "free" content. We aren't talking about trade secrets, or "watch this video and you get a gift card". 

What if you create content with your customer in mind, instead of your business? Thats a major paradigm shift for many people but its not new, the best campaigns in history have done this very well. 

Many of the marketing managers we speak with know they should be advertising with video content, but don't know how. They also just don't have time to manage these campaigns. Advertising agencies are a great place to start, as the best marketing campaigns consist of multiple forms of media that all align with a common goal. 

We encourage all of our clients to take a step back and attempt to connect with the consumer and see things the way they do.

• What problem are they facing when they're shopping for your service?

• What other websites are they likely looking at? How do those sites miss the mark and how do we fill the gap?

At Petro, we have a list of specific people we want to talk to at your company. We are a fresh set of eyes on an industry we know very little about. That fresh, innovative look at how you are going to reach your customers is a daily routine for us. We are constantly analyzing our clients, their competition, and new ways of advertising every single day. 

How does our expertise fit into all of this?

We are located just north of Houston Texas, in The Woodlands. We've been fortunate enough to work with quite a few large corporations and have supported several of the advertising agencies that have made them so easy to recognize. Are those companies producing a lot video content? Absolutely.

Our business is just over 7 years old and it has been a really incredible journey. We are working with brands that challenge us to create differently and expect nothing but the best.

Just like every team, everybody wears multiple hats but we also have very specific tasks on every project. Most of us “creatives” do this because we love it - it’s the reason we get up in the morning. Moving people emotionally is what got a lot of our team interested at an early age. Everybody at Petro is encouraged to hone specific skills, so that we can be stronger as a unit. 

We have produced around 300 commercial films over the past 7 years. Even as that number grows we rarely see 2 films that look very much alike. 

Why is that?

Well, because this business isn't about us fulfilling our own creative desires on every single project. We have a specific look and feel, but if each film was about fueling our own agenda, we fail the client and the consumer. 

Your brand has a story to tell that has the potential to inspire others. Inspire people and see what happens.


We have had the opportunity to work with Fortune 10 corporations to local non profits. If there is one thing everyone knows about great businesses its that they know how to make money. Every dollar spent is an investment.

Investment: Noun
'The investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.'

This word investment seems to have become a cool new way to soften the words "price tag" when the truth is - people are smarter than that.

You cannot call video, or any marketing effort for that matter, an investment if there is no actual return. When we onboard a client some of the first things we discuss are the biggest problems that they face when communicating to buyers or positioning themselves among the competition. This translates to goals for the film itself and gives us a measurable target for the investment, as well as a way to nail down how much money should be spent. Creative work can be somewhat ambiguous, but lets be real, if you're managing a budget you're responsible for every dollar and how its spent. We solidify as much as we possibly can about a project at the start and provide line item proposals for our clients review. We let them know where we can budge, and where they shouldn't.

When used properly, film is an incredible resource for your business. It is proven to increase SEO, it can morph to accommodate the needs of every social platform and using analytics we can see how people are engaging with the video to improve future films. 

Lastly, people expect a video. Failing that expectation 5 seconds into browsing your website is a mistake. Every product, every company, every person has a story to tell. This is what the team here at Petro Studios loves, it is what we live and breathe. 

Every brand and business have a few things in common - they are fueled by determination, countless man hours and unparalleled perseverance. This film is meant to capture the frustration of conveying what exactly you have poured into the brand to your consumers. It keeps you up at night, it demands the best of you every single day. Our job as commercial filmmakers, is to dive into your brand and piece together a story that shows the onlookers what you have done and what you will continue to do in your business.